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about us

dedicated to responsible alpaca ownership

Campo Verde is a small alpaca farm located in Harcourt, in the Goldfields region of Victoria, Australia, close to Castlemaine, Maldon, and Bendigo. 

Our herd of huacaya alpacas provides us with beautiful fleece, processed locally in Victoria and turned into yarn and exquisite pieces. As a small farm, we know each alpaca by name and individual characteristics. Our philosophy is to tread lightly on the earth, raising our alpacas and land with love and organic principles. Our sustainable practices help us provide a healthy and happy life for our alpacas while preserving our land for future generations.

meet the alpaca shepherdess

Hi, I'm Rita. I'm the main alpaca shepherd at Campo Verde. I have lived and breathed alpacas since 2017 when I bought my first five alpacas. I learned a lot about alpaca husbandry, fleece, diseases, breeding, birthing, and more by attending workshops, volunteering at shows, learning from alpaca breeders Australia-wide, and spending every minute with her animals.


I was secretary of the Victorian Central Region of the Australian Alpaca Association from 2018 to 2019 and am currently Social Media Coordinator for the Australian Alpaca Association. I love welcoming new people to the alpaca world and showing them the beauty of alpacas and their fibre.

In the media

talking about my alpaca journey at The Alpaca Tribe Podcast

I have been on a few episodes of The Alpaca Tribe Podcast with Steve Herethington, a fellow alpaca shepherd who lives in the UK. Check the podcast below.

local news

The general public is fascinated by alpacas, particularly young ones (called "cria"). The media have interviewed me on several occasions. My goal has always been to educate the public about responsible alpaca ownership.

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