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alpacas for sale

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What you should consider when buying alpacas

Our main aim as an ethical small alpaca farm is to raise alpacas that will live healthily and happily until old age. Our alpacas are only sold to owners committed to caring for them now and in the future. Alpacas are a long-term commitment, as they can live for up to 20 years or more.

​Before you rush looking for alpacas for sale, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do you want alpacas? There are various reasons that people embark on alpaca ownership. What is yours?

  • Will alpacas fit into your lifestyle? 

  • Do you have the right amount of land and farm infrastructure for alpacas? If not, can you add them?

  • Are you the only person in your household interested in alpacas? Who will care for their day-to-day?

  • Are you prepared to learn and continuously improve your knowledge?

  • Do you have the budget for their ongoing keep, hay, shearing, vitamins and potential vet bills?

  • Are you willing to get hands-on with your alpacas in pens/yards, giving vaccinations and other healthcare? (Don't worry; we teach you all these skills, but you must be willing to learn).

Alpacas for sale

Below is only a small selection of our available alpacas. Please contact us for information so we can identify the best alpacas for your needs.

Our sales process

As a small farm with quality genetics and high welfare standards, our alpacas are in high demand.  Please enquire via email or telephone, telling us about yourself, your location, and why you want alpacas. 

We invite all prospective owners to visit our farm and meet the alpacas. We also like to visit your property (if feasible) to ensure you have the right land and infrastructure to care for alpacas. We are happy to advise on fencing, shelters and other amenities needed.  We work with you to identify the most suitable alpacas for your particular situation, and we pride ourselves on providing ongoing support and mentorship to our clients.

Alpacas are very different to most livestock.  To ensure you have good alpaca handling skills, understand the specific requirements of alpacas, and feel confident in performing husbandry and healthcare on your alpacas, we offer training throughout the year at our farm. You can attend one of our public training sessions. Otherwise, we can offer bespoke training to you. It is our requirement that all future alpaca owners complete this training with us. 

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