alpaca sales

As a small stud, our boutique size is our advantage - we get to know each animal and spend quality time with them. Our alpacas are used to being around us, as we often spend hours sitting in the paddock with them. We breed for good temperament, body conformation and outstanding fleeces with a great handle. We love the natural colours of alpaca fleece, and therefore our animals span the spectrum from fawn-brown-grey-black. Our alpacas come from top Australian genetics, including influential lines such as Jolimont Warrior, Purrumbete Highlander, Coonawarra Gladiator, Benleigh Bellisimo, Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset, Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun, Softfoot Maudib ET, Canchones Kenzoki, Canchones Gerdarme, amongst others.

We are registered breeders with the Australian Alpaca Association. We pride in providing excellent support to our clients, which include alpaca education, workshops during the year, husbandry lessons, and priority shearing. Find out about our Alpaca Care Package, which comes with all animals bought from us and our ongoing support for new owners.

When buying alpacas from Campo Verde you will receive:

  • registered alpacas with the Australian Alpaca Association

  • husbandry and handling education so you are confident with your new alpacas

  • delivery of alpacas to your paddock

  • up-to-date husbandry and vaccinations

  • care package with information about future husbandry and vaccinations

  • shearing reminders and connection to our alpaca shearer

  • comprehensive ongoing support via email, telephone, social media

Important information about alpaca sales

Our alpacas are only sold to owners who can provide the necessary care needed by alpacas, now and in the future. This means:

  • enough pasture for grazing (minimum of 5 acres in Mediterranean Central Victoria);

  • shade, shelter, clean water and additional hay when pasture is dry or insufficient;

  • annual shearing, 6-monthly vaccination, vitamin D supplementation during autumn/winter/early spring;

  • vet attention in case of accidents or illness;

  • ongoing care during their lifetime (alpacas live an average of 20 years, with many living longer than this!)

We suggest prospective alpaca owners purchase a minimum of 3 alpacas of the same gender (unless you already have alpacas), as they are herd animals. This means alpacas require the companionship of other alpacas of the same gender in order to live healthy and happy lives. Alpacas often have their "best friends" and therefore we might suggest certain packages to keep friends together.

Contact us to find out more about purchasing Campo Verde alpacas.